Northern State Government Commends RSF Efforts on Diseases Vectors Control

17 Oct 2020

Executive Director of the Northern State, Tayfour Mohamed Saleh has commended the efforts of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on diseases vectors  control, besides its roles in serving the communities, pointing out that the state has prepared an integrated programme to make the campaign a success
He directed, while addressing the RSF Diseases Vectors Control Campaign in the Northern State, all the localities of the state to provide all possible facilities and cooperation to the RSF campaign to enable it achieve its goals.
For his part, the Director of Health in the Northern State, Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Sisi affirmed that the campaign will provide its programme to the localities and villages, adding that the campaign will continue for 14 days to include Al-Afad, Abakaar Gibli, Abakar Bahri, Targasi Bahri, Targasi Bahri, Al-Karaba Badinger, Al-Afad Gibli, Al-Kababish Gibli, Al-kababish Bahri, and Gazirat Alfonj, pointing out that the campaign represents a real support in regard of diseases vector control.