Daglo: Eastern Sudan Issue will Be resolved through Mutual Consent

16 Oct 2020

First Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo said (Thursday) that according to what is stipulated in Juba Peace Agreement all the governors of the states will be relieved, announcing the formation of committees to resolve Eastern Sudan issue through mutual consent referring to the recent unfortunate events after the deposition of Kassala State governor.
Daglo directed the regular forces to bring about control and to protect the citizens.
He added, in press statements, following his meeting with the local administration leaders in the area, that they discussed eastern Sudan issues, affirming that East Path of the Peace Agreement was signed amid international presence, recognizing the launch of East Sudan Consultative Conference in consensus and without exclusion.
The First Vice President of the Sovereign council called on Eastern Sudan people to exercise restraint and wisdom, affirming that committee of experts and leading local figures will work to resolve the issue, calling for well preparation to East Sudan Consultative Conference.
For his part, Bani Amer Tribe Chieftain, Ali Ibrahim Daglal the people of Eastern Sudan to be patient, affirming their support to the government to resolve the issue, affirming the issue will be  resolved through mutual consent that satisfies all of us.
Bawadra Tribe Chief, Mutwakil Hassan Dakeen, said that was happened was due to political interests, adding that met with the First Vice President of the Sovereign Council who briefed them on the peace agreement and clarify some issues which they didn’t know before.
Dakeen affirmed that they will work to achieve stability through reconciliation.
He affirmed that the East Sudan Consultative Conference is stipulated in the peace agreement, calling for well preparation to that conference for the sake of unity and mending the social fabric.
Al-Amar’ar Tribe Chieftian, Ali Mahmoud, called on eastern Sudan citizens to exercise self-control and wisdom to overcome the crisis, affirming that they were enlightened by the FVP on peace and his endeavours to implement it to resolve eastern Sudan issue in consensus.
Al-Habab Tribe Chieftain, Kantibai Hamid called for cooling up the tensions, affirming that every Sudanese will get his full rights after the implementation of the peace agreement, affirming their support to the government in resolving all the problems, pointing out that the FVP promised to resolve all eastern Sudan outstanding issues, affirming that they will not go back, but they will continue with the FVP to launch the Eastern Sudan Consultative Conference.