RSF in North Darfur Celebrate the Graduation of 3rd Artillery Patch

15 Oct 2020

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – North Darfur Sector – celebrated today (Wednesday) at Al-Manhal Camp in El-Fashir city the graduation of the 3rd patch of 5th group of artillery troops.
RSF Commander –North Darfur Sector – Brig. Jido Hamdan Abunshouk said, while addressing the ceremony organized by the training division of the sector on the occasion, that this patch represents a real addition to the peacekeeping process and preserving security and stability besides protecting the agricultural season and the citizens.
He added that the role of the RSF will be greater within the comprehensive peace agreement signed recently in Juba  between the transitional government and the armed struggle movements, directing the graduated patch to preserve the unity of the ranks and working jointly for the sake of stability.
For his part, the Chief of Training Division in the RSF – El-Fashir Sector – Lt. Col. Matar Ali said that the graduation of the patch comes timely at a time when the country is celebrating the peace agreement signed in Juba, calling on the graduates to contribute directly in preserving peace and security besides boosting the peaceful coexistence among all the citizens.