The Real and Sustainable Victories Are Those of Peace and Not War

08 Oct 2020

1st Vice President of the t Sovereign Council,1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has affirmed that the signature of the peace agreement represents the last dot at the end of the line for more than 60 years of extended suffering.
“Peace is a national project which was delayed due to intended mistakes to deprive the Sudanese people of enjoying the blessing of security and peace.” Daglo said.
Daglo added, while addressing the mass rally organized by the popular committee for receiving the peace-makers at the Freedom Square in Khartoum today (Thursday), “Now we are opening a new chapter in which we lay down the arms towards supporting peace and getting rid of war”
He pointed out that the real victories are those of peace and not of war, adding that the strong will of peace has won, wishing reaching comprehensive and sustainable peace.
Daglo greeted the IDPs and refugees in the camps, affirming that the peace agreement will bring an end to war as it addressed the roots of the Sudanese crisis, pointing out that preserving peace is more difficult than making it.
“We will work to build the peace through sustainable and balanced development to eliminate the suffering caused by the central governments to the states and rural areas in the past regimes. We will work on just distribution of power and wealth.” He disclosed.
In his address, Daglo conveyed several messages to the signatory struggle movements affirming that those movements are more aware of the reality of the people, and accordingly all should work to make a better reality to all the Sudanese people, especially those in the camps.
He stressed on the necessity of changing the present through lifting the sufferings from the people, pointing out that this reality will not change without reforming the transitional government to cope with the upcoming stage.
He reiterated appreciation to the government, people  and the mediation of South Sudan State and all the countries that contributed in achieving peace in Sudan.