1st Vice President Inaugurates RSF COVID-19 Isolation Centre

05 Apr 2020

First Vice President of the Interim Sovereign Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), 1st Lt.Gen.Mohammed Hamdan Daglo, has inaugurated the RSF COVID-19 Isolation Centre at Karrari Locality. The Centre can accommodate 200 beds withal its medical equipment to confront COVID-10 Pandemic. Daglo announced their readiness to prepare additional 1000 beds in case of outbreak to be under the supervision of the Ministry of Health to serve all the public. He directed the RSF Medical Directorate to expedite the implementation of the spray and sterilization besides awareness campaigns for RSF staff and public. He affirmed that the RSF will have additional roles in delivering the foodstuff to the people in their houses and even isolating towns or areas in outbreak cases. He pointed out to the importance of training and preparedness of the RSF to enable it conduct its mission in a professional manner to confront the pandemic. Daglo urged the citizens to commit to the directives of the Ministry of health on prevent the outbreak of COVID-19, stressing on the necessity of avoiding some of the Sudanese social habits and norms in ceremonies or any other conduct that contradict the precaution measures advised by the concerned health authorities. He also urged the elders to stay at home and follow special diets that help in supporting their self-resistance. Daglo hailed the efforts of the public health cadres, adding that they work amid difficult conditions and limited capabilities, describing them as (The White Army) and the first defence line in the war against COVID-19. He affirmed the RSF full support to the health workers, standing up to express the military salute to all the physicians and health workers for their great role in the war against COVID-19. Daglo called on the businessmen, charity organizations and all citizens to provide support to the vulnerable categories especially in this pressing economic conditions which affected all businesses and work. He disclosed that the COVID-19 infected more than one million persons and killed thousands of lives around the globe.