Eastern Sudan is Redline, Says FVP of the Sovereign Council

29 Sep 2020

First Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st. Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo said that Eastern Sudan is redline, adding that the issues of its three states will be resolved soon.
Daglo, who was received warmly officially and popularly in his visit to Sinkat locality to participate in “Peace, Development and Justice” Conference, said that the Red Sea is the lifeline of Sudan.
“My greetings to Eastern Sudan of  Osman Digna, Al-Sharifa Maryam Al-Mirghaniya and Ali Bitai who served and brought together all the Sudanese honestly” Daglo said.
Daglo added that Eastern Sudan experience represents a model to be studied in the universities hinting to the reconciliation norm or tradition  which is applied there, adding that he will support the people of Eastern Sudan in removing the marginalization and consolidating unity.
“Eastern Sudan is living dire conditions and we will work for its unity” FVP said.
Daglo pointed out that any change has its negative aspects referring to Arab Spring revolutions, affirming that Sudan is better than others.
“it is better to be safe than sorry” Daglo concluded.