RSF Repatriate Sudan School Certificate Students to the SLM Controlled Areas

27 Sep 2020

Rapid Support Forces through its Boosting Security Battalion  in Kas and Shataya localities repatriated the students of Jebel  Marra who sat for Sudan School Certificate to their home villages in the Sudan Liberation Movement/Abdulwahid (SLM/AW)  controlled areas after they finished their exams last Thursday.
It is worth noting that the RSP had responded to the initiative of legend teacher Makkawi Eisa Hamad regarding the transportation of the students stranded in the SLM/AW controlled areas as they failed to find transport means to reach the centres of the examinations in Kas city.
For his part, the Director of Secondary Education, who accompanied the RSF in the repatriation trip, Abdul Halim Ali Ahmed commended the efforts of the RSF which are not only limited in transporting the students and provide full accommodation; but it extended to settle the deficit of the examinations’ budget in Kas locality which exceeded 75% of the approved budget for the 16 examinations’ centres, besides providing the transportation for its administration.
The Commander of the battalion, Lt. Colonel Al-Nour Al-Douma affirmed that the transportation of the students  to the examinations centres and their repatriation besides providing accommodation to them came upon directives of  FVP of the Sovereign Council, Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo.
“We implemented the directives of the FVC to the letter” added Al-Douma.