RSF Escalate Preparedness Degree, Formation of 24-hour Emergency Committee

30 Mar 2020

Rapid Support  Forces (RSF) Spokesperson, Brigadier (Psc), Jamal Juma’s Adam affirmed that the commanders of the RSF are giving the utmost concern and importance to deal with the Cornona Virus (COVID-1), pointing out to the t formation of a high committee within the RSF to deal with COVID-19, adding that a sub-committee came out from that one named (Emergency Committee) which works round  clock.

Juma’a added that the emergency committee has taken all the precaution measures to confront the COVID-19 in terms of awareness and means of protection including the limitation of movements of individuals and groups inside the campuses ,directorates or other RSF sectors insides and outside greater Khartoum.

He affirmed that entering into the RSF facilities is according to strict health measures in including sterilization and thermal detection besides cleanliness, disclosing that the military police and all related directorates are working according to those measures. Juma’s said that the high committee has established the quarantine centre at Karari according to high medical and treatment standards, adding that the centre will be launched in the upcoming few days.