RSF in Red Sea State Apprehend Human Trafficking Cell

23 Sep 2020

The Intelligence of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – Red Sea Sector – managed to apprehend a human trafficking cell in Port Sudan city working in human trafficking against huge amounts of money.
The RSF intelligence Chief in the sector, Lt. Colonel Faiz Abdallah said that the cell was practicing its criminal activity through a network between Khartoum and Red Sea State , adding that it was apprehended after strict monitoring till the targeted victims were reached  coming from Khartoum to Port Sudan amounting to 12 from different nationalities on their way to be sent abroad through the northern borders of the state.
It is to be noted that 3 of the members of the cell were arrested including one women.
For his part, the Governor of Red Sea State, Eng. Abdallah Singrai, head of the Security Committee and its members in Eastern Sector of Police in Port Sudan Locality were acquainted about the operation.
Singrai lauded the tremendously growing role of the RSF in preserving the national security of the country, adding that the location of the state makes it subject to intercontinental crimes and all types of smuggling, stressing on the necessity of coordinating the efforts and boosting the security capabilities of the state to confront the security threats.