Joint Security Force to Secure the Agricultural Season in Central Darfur

21 Sep 2020

Central Darfur State Security Committee has dispatched a joint security fore including the army, RSF and police to some localities and administrative units to secure the agricultural season.
RSF Commander (Central Darfur Sector), Brig. Ali Yagoub Jibril said in press statements today (Sunday) that the security  committee in the State has set a plan to secure the agricultural season to be implemented by the RSF, army, police and central reserve.
Brig. Yagoub said that securing the agricultural season is considered one of the RSF missions according to the directives of the 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, Commander in Chief of the RSF, 1st. Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo.
He urged the local administration in the state to open and organize the routs for the nomads and shepherds far from the farms, calling on the shepherds to commit to the determined routes.