First Vice President of the Sovereign Council Calls for Unification of Ranks and Concentration on Building Sudan

06 Mar 2021

First Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo affirmed that the peace talks in Juba is progressing, adding that all the obstacles facing the peace process are vanishing.

He called on, while receiving a delegation of local administrations from the 5 states of Darfur, all the parties to work on unification of ranks and concentrating on building Sudan.

Meanwhile, Nazir (Chieftain) of Rizigat tribe, Mahmoud Ibrahim Madibo, said that they have received an invitation for the First Vice President to discuss the situations all over the country and Darfur in particular, affirming their continuous support to the unification of ranks to achieve stability, security and peace.

Madibo expressed appreciation to the First Vice President for his continuous support and contacts with the local administrations in Dafur states.