Governor of Gezira State Commends RSF Convoy to Assist the Flood-affected Citizens

16 Sep 2020

Governor of Gezira State, Dr. Abdallah Ahmed Ali, received the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) convoy to assist the floods-affected citizens in Wad Medani, the capital city of the State, in the presence of the Deputy Secretary-General of Gezira State government and the Director General of Health Ministry.
On behalf of Gezira State citizens, the Governor welcomed the convoy, expressing his appreciation to the RSF for its efforts in assisting the floods-affected citizens, affirming their appreciation to the 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, Commander in Chief of the RSF, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo for his directives to dispatch the convoy.
For his part, the Commander of the RSF convoy, Lt. Colonel Adam Saleh expressed appreciation to the government of Gezira State for its warm welcome and hosting the convoy.
Saleh briefed the Governor and his government on the convoy which included Foodstuff, shelter and mosquito nets besides sprinkling spray to prevent disease vectors.
The convoy was dispatched to Gezira State in accordance to the directives of the 1st Vice President of the Sovereign, Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces, 1st. Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo who directed dispatching convoys to the 8 states which are affected by the recent floods.