RSF Participate in Safe schools Declaration Workshop in Sudan

07 Feb 2023

Training manager at the RSF human rights and international humanitarian Law unit Police (Rtd) Maj.Gen. Huweida Abu Baker Mohmed Nour , and representative of RSF training Directrote, Brig. Yasir Jabir Mohamed Ferai participated in the safe schools declartion workshop in Sudan .The workshop was organized by Save the Children International organization at Al Salam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum.
The country director of Save the Children International organization Arshad Malik said that children have rights to learn in safe areas. He appreciated the major positive role of the regular forces in evcuating schooling from armed negative phenonomena in the conflicts areas.
He added the effect of the conflicts will represent threat to the coming generations , and the State should commit with the principles of the safe schools declaration that signed by Sudan in 2015.
For her part, Police (Rtd) Maj.Gen. police Hweida Abu Baker Mohmed Nour said that education is a base for development of nations . She stressed on all bodies to commit with laws and international agreements of child protection , besides school environment.  Huwieda affirmed their commitment to implement all international charters and laws concern xhild protection and international humanitarian law.
For his part, Brig. Yasir Jabir Mohmed Ferai said that they work in harmony  and coordination to evacute schools from all armed phenonomon in the conflicts areas.
It worths mentioningn that the workshop was attended by representatives of SAF , RSF and the ministry of education , civil socity organizations,  and some representatives of EU diplomats in Sudan.