RSF human rights unit welcomes nomination of human rights expert to Sudan

30 Jan 2023

Human Rights expert nominated to Sudan , Rudwan Nuweseir arrived Sudan in an official visit as implementation of his position according to human rights council decree  issued in special session NO, S/1/32 on 5th November 2021 to follow up human rights situation in Sudan  and reporting  to the human rights Council during works of human rights Council sessions in Geneva.
CEO of RSF human rights unit and international law, member of the human rights National mechanism Dr.  Hasseib Jonathan Kouko welcomed  in press statement the visit of the UN expert to Sudan affirming unlimited support of his institute to Radhouane Noucier to play his role according to his mission and specialization.This support came in context of the RSF human rights unit role in developing , promoting and protecting of human rights and commitment with the international humanitarian law through human rights mechanism as specialized gate concerns with human rights dossier, and an official platform of  Sudan .
Dr. Jonathan affirmed  that Radhouane Noucier will meet Vice President of the Soverign Council ,RSF Commander in chief, 1st Lt.Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo according to a scheduled  and credit program of the visit. He conveyed thanks to the national mechanism for  human rights for pioneer role on human rights dossier in Sudan .