Daglo Calls on UN Agencies to Transform for Relief to Developmental action

25 Feb 2020

First Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo called on the UN agencies to transform for relief to developmental action especially in Darfur states, besides working for the repatriation of the IDPs and refugees to their home villages.

He described, while addressing UNAMID workshop on Capacity Building on Human Rights and International Law of the Rapid Support Forces(RSF), the partnership between the UNAMID and the RSF as golden and effective, adding that they aim from that partnership to raise the capacity and develop Darfur in all aspects.

He expressed his happiness to attend the workshop, affirming that the RSF are concerned on human rights on the light of its responsibility in preserving the internal peace and protecting the borders.

Daglo added that the RSF are working according to the law in complete transparency and have nothing to hide.

He renewed that the protection of the people will remain their top priority, expressing appreciation to the UNAMID for its participation in the Sudanese peace talks in South Sudan.

For his part, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Siddiq Abdul Aziz, affirmed the continuation of the cooperation between Sudan and the UNAMID according to the agreed on programme.

UNAMID Chief, Jirmi Mamabolo affirmed their support to the change in Sudan, lauding the Sudanese peace talks taking place in South Sudan, affirming that it will protect the Sudanese revolution.

He lauded the step of organizing the workshop, describing it as a right step, pointing out the Sudan is now at the cross-roads and needs joint efforts to pass to the safe shore considering that Sudan is now transforming from war stage to peace stage.

He called on the transitional government to follow suit the RSF in organizing specialized workshops in capacity building

For his part the Un Human Rights Commission representative, Dr. Marsail Akbovo said that Sudan is passing a historic stage that requires supporting the transitional government by the UN. He considered the workshop as a contribution of UNAMID human rights section, lauding the great openness of the RSF pointing to its role in protecting the human rights.

He added that training will concentrate on the essential conceptions of human rights and the linkage between the civil and military components during war, affirming that the workshop aims at building the knowledge and RSF capacities, wishing that the outcomes of the workshop achieves its goals.

It is to be noted that the workshop will continue for three days during which international experts will present working papers on human rights and human rights protection laws.