The Conclusion of Red Cross training course event for the RSF Personnel in South Darfur

27 Nov 2022

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) South Darfur Commander, Brigadier Ahmed Mohammed Suliman has attended the conclusion events of the training workshop, which is organized by Red Cross Society, in cooperation with the RSF Training Department.
The South Darfur Commander said that the training course enabled the participants to learn the keys of human rights work in the disputing areas, the ways of conducting them, how to adhere to the international laws and conventions, the importance of adhering to the discipline, noting that 
humanitarian work is the priority of the RSF in the disputes and conflicts areas.
Meanwhile, the RSF Training Department Director, Lieu. Colonel Ahmed Obeid Al-Fadil revealed that the 
aim of the training is to elevate the capacities of the RSF personnel in various practical aspects, to serve the country’s interests.
He noted that the three days training course, during which the trainees received intensive lectures in human rights, the best ways to deal in conflict areas, as well as first aid course, stressing the continuation of training projects to raise the awareness of the RSF personnel in all fields.