Nimir praises the role of RSF Peace and Reconciliation Committee

08 Nov 2022

The Governor of North Darfur state, Nimir Mohammed Abdu-Rahman has met with the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Peace and Reconciliation Committee chaired by Colonel, Musa Hamid Ambello, accompanying delegation in Fasher on Sunday.
Nimir was briefed by the chairman of the committee on the committee’s plan to achieve reconciliation and peaceful coexistence in the state.
Nimir stressed the importance of conducting comprehensive community reconciliations between social components in north Darfur to support peace and stability, underscoring the need to form committees on the localities in this regard.
He also praised the significant role played by the RSF Peace and Reconciliation Committee in supporting initiatives, holding conferences to uphold the values of tolerance and reconciliation in Darfur states.
Meanwhile, the RSF north Darfur sector Commander, General Jedo Hamdan Abu-Nishouk stressed his support to all reconciliation conferences in the state to ensure spreading of peace values among people, voicing his appreciation for the role of Peace and Reconciliation Committee in enhancing reconciliations.
Meanwhile, Peace and Reconciliation Committee Chairman, Colonel Musa Hamid Ambello stated that his visit aimed at monitoring the overall situations, related arrangements to reconciliation process to achieve its objectives.