RSF Central Darfur Commander stresses his support for Human Rights, International Human Law

08 Nov 2022

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has managed to open a branch of Human Rights (HR), International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Unit in Headquarter of the RSF in Central Darfur state.
The RSF Central Darfur sector Commander, General Ali Yagoub Jibril stressed his support to the Human Rights, (IHL) Unit, adding that the Unit will promote and strengthen the awareness of the RSF in such field, pointing out that the RSF command leaders have made great efforts to reach this stage, move regionally and internationally.
The RSF Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law Unit Executive Director, Dr. Hasib Johnthan Hamad Koko said that the branch represents the frame roles of the RSF in protecting and enhancing human rights, as it is the priority of the RSF central Darfur sector, not only on the RSF level, but also on other regular forces to maintain peace and stability in the state.
In turn, the Regional Unit Department Director, Brigadier Tarig Awad Abdul-Rahman stressed that the opening of central Darfur branch focuses on spreading awareness and training process on the international humanitarian law, human rights, as well as establishing regional and international partnership, and monitoring the human rights situation.