Blue Nile Social Welfare Minister: the RSF is highly supportive

08 Nov 2022

The Representative of Blue Nile State Governor, Social Welfare Minister, Jamal Nasir has praised the significant efforts being made by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in providing support for local community, particularly the RSF humanitarian aid convoy during the recent incidents that took place in the state, stating that the RSF has provided Blue Nile State with two humanitarian aid convoys in two months.
He added that the recent incident has resulted in displacement of “235” thousand families from their villages, voicing his thanks to the regular forces contributions in maintaining security and stability to the entire region.
Meanwhile, the RSF Representative in the Security and Military Committee, Brigadier Hashim Wahba reaffirmed the stability of the Blue Nile region, stressing the protection and safe return of all citizens, to their village’s, normal life, while he conveyed the greetings of the RSF Commander, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, who directed to send humanitarian aid convoy to the Blue Nile State citizens.
In turn, the RSF Blue Nile Sector Commander, Lieu. Colonel Abdul-Rahman Humaida “Al-Bishi” said that the humanitarian aid convoy is commissioned by the transitional sovereignty council vice president, RSF Commander, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo to support the affected people by the recent incidents, underscoring that the RSF will continue supporting the state to bring life to normal.