RSF Human Rights Unit organizes training workshop in west Darfur

08 Nov 2022

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law Unit has organized a training workshop on the International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights for Twenty-One Division personnel on the border in west Darfur sector.
West Darfur Commander, General Abdul-Rahman Jumma Barak Allah praised the efforts of the Human Rights Unit in introducing the RSF personnel to international law and the ways of how to deal properly in cases of peace and war, pointing out that the RSF exerts immense efforts to protect the country.
In turn, the Training Department Representative, Colonel Mohammed Eydam Adam praised the advanced level of the participants, their interaction with the workshop, indicating that the RSF Command leaders’ first priority is to train and qualify their personnel to carry out their duties properly.
Meanwhile, the RSF Human Rights Unit Executive Director, Dr. Hasib Johnthan Hamad said that the main objective of the training workshop is to be aware, familiar with the law, to protect human dignity in peace and war, highlighting the significant efforts being made by the RSF commanders to qualify their personnel.