Lagawa Security Committee receives the RSF Humanitarian Aid Convoy

08 Nov 2022

The West Kordofan Security Committee has received the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) humanitarian aid convoy after the recent incident in Lagawa locality.
During the reception of the convoy, the Executive Director, the State Security Committee Chairman, Bushra Mohammed Rahmat Allah lauded his thanks to the RSF Command for their generous support, quick response to help the affected people in the recent incidents in the area, stressing that the humanitarian aid convoy will ease the suffering of the affected people, help the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) return safely to their villages.
He underscored that the security situation is well-maintained and stable, life has come to normal, electricity returns to the city, as well as the markets, the government entities.
The Joint Forces Commander, Colonel Adam Ahmed Adam emphasized the stability of the security situations in Lagawa, stating that the joint forces comprising Army, the RSF, Police works in harmony to enforce the state authority, safeguard local residents and their properties.
Meanwhile, the Humanitarian aid convoy commander, Al-Toum Abul-Gasim said that the convoy is commissioned by the RSF Commander, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo to support Lagawa people after the recent incidents in the area, stating that the convoy contains foodstuffs and shelters equipment.
He said that Dagalo called for all Lagawa population to renounce tribalism, regionalism, and uphold the spirit of tolerance, peaceful coexistence to maintain security and stability in Lagawa city.