The RSF organizes an awareness lecture on how to fight dengue fever

02 Nov 2022

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Kordofan Sector has organized an awareness lecture on the fight against dengue fever in Obeid City, with cooperation of Faculty of Medicine, Obeid International Hospital, and Nama Youth Organization.
The RSF Kordofan Media Director, Major Al-Saddiq Idris praised such partnership with these entities, which aims at helping local community, supporting the plan to fight dengue fever, stressing the RSF support for the program, overcome any challenges facing to fight the epidemic.
Meanwhile, the Community Medicine Department Chairman, Dr. Abu Al-Ezz Hassan Ibrahim praised the efforts of the RSF in preventing and sanitizing the environment, stressing his support for such partnership that enlighten local population on the risks of epidemic, he briefed local residents on the dengue fever and its symptoms, how to fight mosquitoes that transmit the disease, enumerating the disease risks and how to prevent ourselves, noting the importance of following health precautions to reduce the transmission of infection.