Central Darfur Governor praises the efforts of the RSF

02 Nov 2022

The Central Darfur Governor, Saad Adam Babiker has stated that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has played significant roles in providing support for the local population of central Darfur in various humanitarian aid and services.
The statement was made while addressing people at honoring ceremony of the High Committee of the state.
He voiced his appreciation for the Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, the RSF Central Darfur Commander, General Ali Yagoub Jibril for their efforts in spreading peace values, maintaining peace and stability in the country. 
The ceremony is made for honoring the RSF, other regular forces for their tremendous role in achieving peace, strengthening social fabric, resolving tribal disputes between the components of the community.
Meanwhile, the RSF Central Darfur Commander, General Ali Yagoub Jibril expressed his appreciation and happiness with such ceremony, praising the people of central Darfur for their honesty and sincerity, stressing the importance of work dedication and devotion, applying justice in all government procedures to ensure the satisfaction of local citizens.