South Darfur Governor praises the International Humanitarian Law workshop

29 Oct 2022

The Governor of South Darfur State, Hamid Tigani Hanon has praised the training workshop organized by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Human Rights Unit on the International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights, with the participation of Sixteen Infantry Division in Nyla.
Hanon said that the importance of adhering to international humanitarian law, national laws, the laws issued by the Security Council necessitates the need to issue rules of engagement, and apply them professionally, voicing words of congratulation for officers, non-commissioned officers of the RSF and Army for their devoted work to maintain peace and stability.
He reiterated his thanks to the RSF Soth Darfur Command, representing in General Bashier Adam Issa, the training team chaired by the RSF Training Department Chairman, General Mohammed Ahmed Abbass Ornasir, the Unit Executive Director, Haseeb Yonathan Hamad Koko for enlightening regular forces on international laws related to humanitarian work.