Dagalo chairs a joint meeting to address Abyei issues

29 Oct 2022

The Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo has chaired the joint meeting of the Republic of Sudan, Republic of South Sudan delegations to address the issues of Abyei, with the participation of the Chairman of South Sudan Delegation, Consultant Tot Gulak, the Transitional Sovereignty Council Member, Tahir Abu Baker Hajer.
Both parties have signed the minutes of meetings of the political Supervision Committee for Abyei region, the TSC vice president, Chairman of the committee, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo signed on behalf of Sudan, while Consultant Tut Gulwak on behalf of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan.
General Dagalo praised the spirit of understanding, harmony that prevailed during the meeting, underscoring the importance of exerting efforts to resolve Abyei issues, stating that Sudan and South Sudan are brotherly one nation into two countries with the deepest feelings of fraternity.
He also emphasized the importance of dialogue between the components of Abyei community to strengthen the values of peace.
In a press statement, Acting Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dafa Allah Al-Haj Ali said that the meeting addressed the bilateral relations between the two countries, the ways to strengthen them for both people’s interests, to carry out a joint mechanism to provide humanitarian services, establish a suitable environment for local community, reaffirming that the two parties agreed to put an end to Abyei issues through routine meetings by the two countries’ delegations.
The ambassador added that both parties agreed to the need of regional and international community support to maintain peace and stability, achieve sustainable development in the region.
Meanwhile, South Sudan Delegation Member, Dr. Loka Biyonk stated that both parties have set a roadmap to resolve the situation in Abyei, stressing the need to provide services, maintaining security to facilitate the voluntary returns, he voiced his appreciation to the Republic of Sudan for holding such meetings, to maintain peace and stability for both countries.