Rapid Support Forces organizes a training workshop in Nyala

29 Oct 2022

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Human Rights Unit has organized a training workshop on the International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights in south Darfur state sector, with the participation of officers, non-commissioned officers of the Army, the RSF personnel.
The training workshop aimed at raising the awareness on the humanitarian law, international conventions, addressed the ways to enhance and promote the participants capacities to protect civilians and their properties.
The Sixteen Infantry Division Commander, General Yasir Fadol Allah said that the training workshop will help promote the capacity of the RSF, Army personnel, enhance the knowledge on the international laws and conventions, as well as how to familiarize with dealing with civilians.
In turn, the RSF Training Department Chairman, General Mohammed Ahmed Abbass Ornasir stated the advantages of the training workshop in developing, raising the capacities, as it covered overall concept, in which will contribute to consolidate the principles of humanitarian work among the participants.
Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the RSF Human Rights Units, Dr. Haseib Yonathan Hamad Koko said that the training focuses on enlightening the participants on the rules of conduct and engagement in line with the fundamental of human rights and international laws.
He also revealed that the RSF will participate in the 15th edition of the Senior Workshop on International Rules governing Military Operations (SWIRMO) in Indonesia, pointing out that the participation means that the RSF meets the term of conditions to be chosen between others globally.