Dagalo praises the level of bilateral relations between Sudan and Turkey

29 Oct 2022

The Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo has praised the high level of bilateral relations between Sudan and Turkey, which he describes as strategic and historical relations.
The statement was made during a meeting at the Presidential Palace with Turkish Ambassador to Sudan, Ismail Cubanoglu.
Dagalo praised the Turkish support for development and humanitarian projects in Sudan, which significantly contributes to strengthening stability, peace, social community.
The Transitional Sovereignty Council VP stressed on the importance of promoting the bilateral relations in the political, economic, and cultural fields.
In a press statement, Ambassador, Ismail Cubanoglu stressed the keenness of his country to strengthen its relations with Sudan in education, political, economic, cultural, commercial fields, pointing out to the importance of working hard to achieve the interests of the Sudanese people to maintain peace and stability, and development.
He added that Turkey will continue to provide humanitarian aids, promote institutional capacities in Sudan.
He pointed out that the upcoming period will experience meetings of the Joint Economic Committee, and other high-level meetings to enhance the commercial, economic relations between the two countries, underscoring that the relation between Ankara and Khartoum witnesses a significant development, within the framework of his country’s plan to strengthen the relations with Sudan, as the gateway of Africa.