The Transitional Sovereignty Council VP briefed on the overall situations in East Darfur

29 Oct 2022

The Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo has stressed his support for the Federal Government of East Darfur to achieve security and stability, to provide a decent living for local residents.
During a meeting in his office at the Presidential Palace today, he was briefed by the acting governor of the east Darfur, Mohammed Adam Abdul-Rahman on the overall situations in the state, the efforts being made by the state government to provide basic needs for citizens.
In a press statement, Mohammed Adam stated that he submitted a report to TSC vice president on the implementation process of development and services projects.
He also added that the meeting addressed the petroleum issues, the ways to fund the construction of both “Fulla – Daein”, “Nihood - Daein”, in addition to Daein Airport
projects, which the first stage will finish in the next November.
Meanwhile, Acting East Darfur Governor offered an invitation to the TSC vice president to attend the harvest festival in Higailiga agricultural project on the 7th of November.