Joint Forces campaign combats negative acts, destroys hashish farm

05 Oct 2022

The Joint Forces, comprising, (the Rapid Support Forces, Police, Army) has managed to destroy a large hashish farm in “Soki”, located 15 kilometers from Garsia City, Wadi Salih locality, Central Darfur.
In a press statement, the RSF Central Darfur Sector Commander, General Ali Yagoub Jibril said that the state has remained stable and secured, thanks to the tremendous efforts of regular forces, praising their significant achievements to combat and chase criminals, narcotics trade which pose a grave threat to the future of young men.
Meanwhile, Central Darfur Police Director, Brigadier Al-Saddiq Mohammed Hamid Abbass said that the joint forces managed to destroy the entire farm in Wadi Salih locality, praising the level of coordination between all forces to combat any crimes that endanger the wellbeing of youths.