Minawi praises the efforts of the RSF in securing agricultural season

05 Oct 2022

The Governor of Darfur region, Minni Arko Minawi has praised the efforts, significant roles of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in securing the agricultural season.
During his visit to the RSF Fasher Command Headquarter, accompanied by North Darfur Governor, Nimir Mohammed Abdul-Rahman, he stressed the importance of such visits to address the challenges, which contribute improving the level of coordination to maintain security in Darfur region. 
In turn, General Jedo Hamdan Abu-Nishouk welcomed and appreciated the visit, underscoring that the visit expresses the concerns of the state government to monitor the regular forces situations, he added that the RSF is well prepared to carry out their duties to maintain peace and stability for the local community.
Meanwhile, Peace Shield Division Commander, Al-Nour Ahmed Adam Guba said that the visit comes during the state security and stability, due to the high level of coordination between all regular forces, noting that Peace Shield Division forces is deployed around all the state’s localities to ensure the success of the agricultural season.