Sudan Examination Control honors the Transitional Sovereignty Council VP

01 Oct 2022
The Sudan Examinations Control has honored the Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, Rapid Support Forces (RSF), General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo in recognition of his significant efforts and continuous support over the past years and the current year for Sudan Examinations control centers.
The Transitional Sovereignty Council VP expressed his appreciation for the efforts being made by teachers, emphasizing that the Sudanese teacher is respectful not only in Sudan, but also in African and Arab countries.
Meanwhile, the Sudan Examinations Representative, Abdul-Rahman Al-Amin Al-Masni voiced his appreciation to the TSC vice president, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo for his significant support to help finish the Sudanese Certificate correction, pointing out that the vice president has been supportive during the past years, paid a visit to their residence to check their situations and facilitate any challenges facing them, noting that they have received great support during this year in all examination centers, and teachers’ residence.