Central Darfur Independent Lawyers praised the role of RSF

27 Sep 2022

The Independent Central Darfur Lawyers praised the efforts of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in maintaining peace and stability in the state particularly and Sudan in general.
The statement was made during honoring ceremony of the RSF Central Darfur Commander, General Ali Yagoub Jibril, as feelings of appreciation in conducting several community reconciliations, the latest of which was signing the cease of hostilities between the disputing parties in Blue Nile state.
Meanwhile, General Ali Yagoub Jibril appreciated central Darfur Independent Lawyers group visit and honoring him, listing their significant roles and patriotic stands,  he urged them to support the right to achieve justice, pointing out to the efforts of local people, regular forces, native administrations, civil community who contributed immensely to maintain peace, strengthen peaceful coexistence between community in the state.