Transitional Sovereignty Council VP meets with EU delegation

26 Sep 2022

Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo met in his office at the presidential palace on Thursday with the Delegation of Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.
In a press statement, the Chairman of the Committee, David McAllister stressed that the European Union (EU) supports the Sudanese people to achieve their interests for democracy by forming their civilian government.
He welcomed the decision made by the military institution to exit the politics, reiterating the European Union’s support for the efforts of the trilateral mechanisms to help bringing together the stakeholders and facilitate the democracy transition, noting to the need for all parties to participate in achieving political process.
David also pointed out to the importance of starting the transitional justice process and bring all those who have committed violations against human rights to justice through government’s cooperation with International Criminal Court.
He added that resolving the political crisis and reaching an agreement will put an end to current economic and humanitarian crisis.