Joint Forces recovers UNAMID, and Isolation Center stolen things

26 Sep 2022

The Joint Forces comprising of RSF Intelligence, investigation Police have recovered a large quantity of a stolen things from UNAMID headquarter, Minister of Health and Social Development Isolation Center, after issuing a search warrant against the accused people to be caught and put under custody. 
The Director General of Central Darfur Police, General Salah Omer AL-Tayeb, Director General of Ministry of Health and Social Development, Dr. Modathir Adam Ahmed Haroon inspected the efforts of the joint forces in maintaining peace and stability for local population, protecting public and private properties.
The main Isolation and Health Emergency centers of Ministry of Health and Social Development in central Darfur have been subjected to a theft of medical equipment and furniture that valued approximately one million dollars, while the headquarters of joint United Nations-African Union mission UNAMID, located at Zalingei University, which required urgent interference of regular forces and judicial bodies to fight crimes and acts of violence.