Dagalo directs to speed up the mechanisms for implementing Juba Peace Agreement

24 Sep 2022

The Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, the chairman of the High Committee for Monitoring the Implementation of the Peace Agreement in South Sudan, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo has directed peace commission and related bodies to speed up the completion of required mechanisms and provide necessary assistance to implement Juba peace agreement.
The statement was made during a meeting in his office at the Presidential Palace today, included the chairman of Peace Commission, Dr. Suleiman Mohammed Al-Dibello, delegation of Darfur track Seniors Commissioners for Juba Peace Agreement.
In a press statement, Member of Senior Commissioners, Ahmed Togod said that the meeting addressed a number of issues related to the implementation of Juba peace agreement, particularly the need to activate higher mechanisms to monitor the implementation of Darfur peace agreements.
He also pointed out that the meeting tackled the report presented by the chairman of Peace commission, on the support provided by some entities and international organizations to activate the mechanisms of implementing peace agreement, a number of recommendations and observations were reached, he added.