Rapid Support Forces organizes peaceful coexistence conference in Tina

24 Sep 2022

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Tina Sector has organized peaceful coexistence conference in Tina locality, in the presence of large rally of native administrations, young men and women.
The ceremony aimed at strengthening social fabric and enhancing peaceful coexistence.
While addressing local population at the ceremony, General Abdul-Rahman Gomma Barak Allah stressed that the RSF will continue to support local people with necessary needs, such as drinking water, medical care and social services, adding that the RSF will work day and night to provide humanitarian aid to the entire people as directed by the transitional sovereignty council vice president, RSF Commander, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo.
Meanwhile, Tina Native Administrations praised the role of the RSF to maintain peace and stability and strengthening social fabric in the locality.