Native Administrations praises the role of Rapid Support Forces

18 Sep 2022

The Native Administrations leaders of “Kalimido, Dar-Salam, Um Kadada, Sharif-Kabashi, Abu-Idam” localities have stressed their support to the Rapid Support Forces programs to maintain peace and stability in the state.
The statement was made during the visit of the Native Administration delegation to the Rapid Support forces Command in Fasher.
In turn, RSF Fasher Sector Commander, General Jedo Hamdan Abu-Nishouk expressed his appreciation and feelings of gratitude for delegation visit, praising the role of the native administrations in contributing to maintain peace and stability, as well as their efforts in resolving tribal reconciliations and strengthening peaceful coexistence.
General Jedo stressed on the importance of imposing the state authority, combating criminals, he underscored that tribal reconciliations, peaceful coexistence, securing agricultural season are the priority of the transitional sovereignty council vice president.
Meanwhile, Boza’a General Chief Deputy, Hamdan Abd Allah Hamid said that the visit aimed to coordinate in resolving the challenging issues facing the localities, villages on the south-east of North Darfur state, particularly security and stability issues, to ensure securing agricultural season.