Dagalo Reveals a Meeting with Al-Burhan Where They Recognized that Civilians Should Select the President of the Sovereignty Council and Civilian Ministers

16 Sep 2022

Dagalo: We Reiterated Our Strict Adherence that the Military Institution Should be Out of Governance

Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, RSF Commander-in-Chief, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo announced his strict adherence to his previous pledges that the military institution should be out of the political scene and to devote itself to its mission stipulated in the constitution and law.
He revealed a meeting yesterday (Thursday) with the President of the Sovereignty Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan where both men reiterated  their previous commitment that the military will be out of governance and  leave it to civilians, pointing out that his meeting with the President of the Sovereignty Council categorically admit that civilians should select the Sovereign Council and civilian ministers.
VP Dagalo affirmed his aspirations that the revolutionary forces mange to reach a consensus to form a full-fledged civilian government to accomplish the missions of the transitional period a matter that lays the foundation for the democratic transformation.
He emphasized the importance of coordination and cooperation amid all Sudanese parties to remove the obstacles which face the transition process and creating a conducive environment to move forward to achieve the aspirations of the Sudanese in building a stable democratic state.
He called for topping the national interests to preserve security and stability in the country.