Rapid Support Forces participates in distributing alternative exams

13 Sep 2022

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Central Darfur Sector has participated with the joint security forces in the process of transporting and securing alternative Basic School exams for those who failed to pass the basic school stage, to localities and various administrative units.
The State Criminal Department Director, Brigadier Al-Tayeb Mohammed Al-Tayeb said that joint units were formed comprising Police, Army, RSF, Intelligence to secure and distribute the examinations to “Zalingei, Azoum, Western Mara Mountain, Salih Valley”, stressing the stability of the security situation in the state to carry out exams, praising the level of the coordination between the units.
Meanwhile, General Director of Ministry of Education, Central Darfur Ibrahim Ali Haroon expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the RSF’s continuous support for the ministry of education, reaffirming the starting date of exams which will be on 17th of September for “seven thousand students” who failed to pass previous Basic School exam, pointing out that the exams were printed in Zalingei press in high quality, which save time and reduce cost.