Transitional Sovereignty Council VP provides one vehicle to East Darfur RTC

12 Sep 2022

Eastern Darfur Radio and Television Corporation (RTC) has received a vehicle as a donation from Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, RSF Commander, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo.
The donation was attended by the state Governor, Judge Mohammed Adam Abdul-Rahman, Twenty Infantry Division Commander, General Gindeel, RSF East Darfur Second Commander, a number of the state officials.
The state Governor, Judge Mohammed Adam Abdul-Rahman praised the efforts being made by the transitional sovereignty council vice president, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, to overcome the challenges facing radio and television corporation, lauding his tremendous roles in tribal reconciliations, and sending humanitarian aid convoys to those who were affected by the floods and torrential rains.
For his part, Eastern Darfur Second Commander, Lieu. Colonel Abu Allah Maysira stated that the vehicle donated by the vice president comes within the framework of his concern towards media to facilitate their movements around the state.
Meanwhile, the Director of Radio and Television Corporation, Adil Kashib expressed his appreciation and feelings of gratitude for the transitional sovereignty council vice president’s concern for the radio and television corporation, pointing out that the vehicle will help to transport the staff, as well as facilitating the movements from one locality to another.