Rapid Support Forces vaccinates one hundred thousand heads of cattle

12 Sep 2022

The vaccination campaign has launched in the countryside and localities of South Darfur state to vaccinate “One Hundred Thousand” heads, under the auspices of the Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, RSF Commander, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, Ministry of Agriculture and livestock, supervision of the State Government.
The campaign aimed to protect the livestock sector from contracting diseases and maintain economic growth, as well as to protect rural population who suffer difficult situation and needs support of the state.
South Darfur Acting Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and fisheries, Hamad Mohammed Musa said that the state has significant wealth in the fields of agriculture and livestock, despite that it lacks the follow up in the implementation of nomadic projects for years, pointing out that the vaccination campaign will make great changes in health, he also expressed his appreciation on Nomad Support Initiative.
Meanwhile, the Director of Nomad Department in South Darfur, Husham Hassan Al-Doma said that the nomadic support project is one of the vital projects aimed to help protect livestock sector, he lauded the transitional sovereignty council vice president, general Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo for his patriotism spirit and concern to support, cooperate with government entities.