Joint Security Taskforce for Firearms and Unlicensed Vehicles Collection Concludes Visit to North Darfur

03 Sep 2020

The Rapporteur of the high committee of firearms, unlicensed vehicles and Motorbikes collection, Maj. Gen. Abdul Hadi Abdallah affirmed the desire of the government to go ahead towards achieving security and stability.
He inspected the weapons exhibition in the Army’s Square in El-Fashir organized by the Sudanese Armed Forces. He was accompanied by the governor of North Darfur State and the members of the security committee in the State, in the presence of the representative of operations directorate in the RSF and the deputy commander of the RSF (North Darfur Sector) Brig. Alam Al-Huda Al-Fahal.
The Rapporteur of the high committee of firearms, unlicensed  vehicles and motorbikes collection said that the visit comes within the framework of the national campaign of firearms collection in Sudan to see on the ground the preparedness and arrangements of the taskforce to implement the fifth stage of firearms, unlicensed vehicles and motorbikes collection.
He added that the forces are ready and provided by all equipment and apparatuses that will make the mission a success, pointing out that the chance of voluntary collection will be timely with the forceful collection in order to achieve security and stability.