Rapid Support Forces Press Circular

12 Sep 2022

The social media and electronic website have circulated misleading rumors claiming that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has put thousands of officers to retirement including Intelligence General Nour-Din Abdel-Wahab.
We are fully aware of the importance of informing public opinions on the facts, to interrupt the lurchers paths who have been working day and night to ruin the reputation of the RSF:
The Rapid Support Forces asserted that no one has put to retirement as the rumors indicated, despite promotion to high ranks and put to pension is a routine work carried out by regular forces in accordance with the law
The Rapid Support Forces noted that General Nour-Din Abdel-Wahab was seconded from the General Intelligence Services to the RSF, his assignment was terminated more than a year ago, therefore the RSF has nothing to do with his retirement, it is the General Intelligence Services decision to make.
Some people have been working hard to spread rumors and promote them through social media as facts for the purpose of stirring public opinion against the RSF and their leadership for intended and known reasons.
The Rapid Support Forces calls all mass media to be aware, not to be drifted by false rumors throughout social media sites, stressing that their doors are widely opened to obtain real information, underscoring that the RSF will work to prosecute the propagandists of those rumors legally.
Media Department