Berbar locality Executive Director receives RSF humanitarian aids convoy

18 Aug 2022

The Executive Director of Berbar Locality, Dr. Hassan Hamad Al-Seed has received the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Humanitarian aids convoy, for those who were affected by floods and heavy rains.
The Convoy was implemented under the auspices of the instruction of Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, RSF Commander, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, which consists of large number of foodstuffs, medical, accommodation supplies.
Berbar Locality Executive Director thanked the efforts of the Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, pointing out that the convoy has helped easing the suffering of local 
Meanwhile, Makaylab Medical Director, Dr. Salah Mahmoud Sweilem lauded the tremendous roles of the Rapid Support Forces in offering humanitarian aids to those who were affected, providing huge quantities of medicine, emergency medical equipment.
He further emphasized that the visit of the transitional sovereignty council VP to inspect the situation on the ground, has created a strong level of satisfaction between the RSF and River Nile local population