Dagalo visits, supports the affected people in River Nile state

18 Aug 2022

The Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has inspected the people who were affected by heavy rains and flood in Berbar locality, River Nile State.
During the visit, he was accompanied by Finance Minister, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim Mohammed, Social Development Minister, Ahmed Adam Bakhit, Health Minister, Haitham Mohammed Awad, Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, Najim-Din Musa Abd Allah, Secretary General of the Civil Defense Council, Deputy Secretary General of Zakat Chamber, Chamber of Commerce Chairman Deputy, Aymen Mohammed Al-Sheikh Gamil.
He was received at Makaylab area by the state governor, Mohammed Al-Badawi Abdul-Magid, the state security committee, community figures.
The vice president has inspected the extent of damage to the property of local 
population, such as houses, and schools in Makaylab area.
He expressed his sympathy with those who were affected around the states of Sudan, particularly River Nile state, Gezira, Kassala, West Kordofan, Sinar.
He further stressed the need to form community committees to follow up on the funds of social responsibility of companies and factories in the state, indicating that the funds would be enough to rehabilitate the area, calling for the need to work transparently without cheating.
Dagalo pointed out to the arrival of large convey carrying food supplies, tents, linoleums, as well as medical convoy, water tank, he urged local population to avoid practicing mining activities at homes, noting to the result on the environment and health risks of such activity. He stressed to provide necessary support to return their normal life, “Our blood is yours, not to mention money” he added.
In addition, the sovereignty council vice president visited the affected area  around Kadabas, he praised the efforts being made by the Sheikh Gaili in the area, promising to provide two vehicles to serve the area.
He pointed out to the importance of unifying federal committees to work together to provide assistance to the affected areas.
In turn, the Finance Minister, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim underscored that the government will support and offer humanitarian aid to the affected areas, calling to fight gold extraction at homes, due to dangerous harm on human health, particularly mercury which is harmful.
Meanwhile, Acting Governor of the state, Mohammed Al-Badawi Abdul-Magid expressed his appreciation for the visit of the transitional sovereignty council vice president and the accompanying delegation, which included the affected areas to inspect the situation on the ground, calling upon official and public institutions, businessmen, to support the people of River Nile state.