Rapid Support Forces supports Saraf Omera Khalwas

18 Aug 2022

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Reconciliation and Peace Committee chaired by Colonel Musa Hamid Ambello has offered moral and material support for Abd Allah bin Abass Khalwa’s Compound to spread native reconciliation programs to strengthen social fabric, spread peace in IDPs voluntary return as instructed by the transitional sovereignty council vice president, general Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo.
Ambello stressed that the committee will continue to support Khalwas as promised by the transitional sovereignty council president vice president, he indicated that khalwas is considered a beacon for knowledge, to educate local population, fight ignorance in all areas.
The Compound Khalifa, Sheikh Abdul-Rahim Ismail praised RSF reconciliation and peace committee support to maintain peace and stability, to open new chapter between Saraf Omera local population.