Daglo Delivers Historic Speech in the Peace Agreement Signature Ceremony in Juba

31 Aug 2020
1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, head of the Sudanese government delegation to peace talks, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo, has delivered a historic speech on the occasion of signing Sudan Peace Agreement in Juba.
Daglo said that during the long decades of war nobody won, but on the contrary we lost all the past and might lose the future if we did not admit the failure and face the realities.
“We stand today in the right side of history through our overcoming the bitter stages” he added.
He described the signature of the agreements as representing the birth of new dawn in our country
Daglo valued high the sacrifices of women, youth and elders in conflict areas.
“In this important day in our history I would like to laud the sacrifices of women, youth, and elders in conflict areas in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and everywhere in Sudan” daglo disclosed.
He added that Sudan witnessed civil war since the dawn of independence at a time when all the chances of advancement were open.
He said that the civil wars do not come out of the blue in our country, but due to the injustice and our not recognizing the diversity besides the absence of national project.
“In this great occasion and in transition periods we need as statesmen, and political elites to free ourselves from the past mistakes and failures to be prepared for shifting towards future Sudan through opening the opportunities for recovery, reconciliation and coexistence” Daglo said.
He pointed out to the importance of recognizing the mistakes and opening new chapter between the state and the society besides correcting the relation between the centre and other parts of the country.
In his speech Daglo sent a message to the partners of peace making that we need to affirm to our people and the victims of the conflicts that we are together in building our nation for us and the future generations.
1st Vice President affirmed the keenness of the government to resume talks with the SPLM-N led by Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu, and the joining of SLA led by Abdulwahid Nour.
Daglo lauded the historic stances showed by the parties in overcoming all the difficulties during the implementation of the peace process.
He renewed the call for the regional and international partners to fulfill their pledges towards the peace process in South Sudan to allow it overcome this crucial stage in its history.
“The future concerns us all to build a new partnership that leads ty towards our two countries to unity that qualify us come out from the violence and poverty towards development and prosperity” Daglo said.
Daglo expressed appreciation to South Sudan State government, President Salva kiir  Mayardit, South Sudan mediation, Chad, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Torika countries, Arab league, European Union and all regional and international organiations.