Commander of RSF Security Support Battalion Briefs South Darfur Governor on the Security Situation in Kas and Shataya Localities

31 Aug 2020

The Commander of Rapid Support Forces battalion to boost security in Kas and Shataya localities  in South Darfur, Lt. Col. Al-Nour Al-Douma presented a thorough security report to the governor of South Darfur, Dr. Musa Mahdi on the efforts of the RSF in boosting security and stability in the areas that witnessed violent incidents in the recent weeks.
Lt. Col. Al-Nour affirmed during his meeting with the governor that the security situations returned to normal and that the citizens are practicing their natural activities due to the spread of the RSF and its control of the conflict areas.
Al-Nour stressed on dealing decisively towards any violations rapidly, revealing a plan based on three axes including check points in the conflict areas, patrols and emergency forces to provide support when necessary.