RSF North Darfur receives Commander of Infantry Division 6 in Al-Fashir

27 Aug 2020

Commander of Infantry Division 6 in al Fashir , Maj.Gen.Zafir Omer Abd alGadir affirmed the importance of keeping coordination and harmony between components of the security system in the state, stressing on imposing power of State in all localities of the state and facing any fueling of violations among the components of the community .
This came when visiting today (Wednesday) the RSF headquarter in al Fashir .He was received by the RSF deputy Commander Brig. Mohammed al Hassan al Fadalabi , Officers ,Rank Officers , and the RSF troops in North Darfur state .
Brig. Mohamed al Hassan al Fadalabi welcomed the visit of the Commander of  Infanrty  to the RSF ,affirming that his forces are still working with the joint work with all security bodies to keep security and stability . He said that the RSF are spread in all parts of the state to boost security .