Transitional Sovereignty Council VP announces launch of commodities exchange in Jebel Moon

29 Jun 2022
Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamadan Dagalo has met with businesspersons and representatives from the West Darfur Chamber of Commerce in Ginena.
The vice president briefed them on the humanitarian crisis facing IDPs, which requires solidarity on behalf of officials and the public to allow them to voluntary return home.
Dagalo promised to secure the roads in Khartoum leading to other states, and, particularly, routes to Darfur that ensure the flow of goods and the payment of governmental tariffs.
The vice president also announced that a commodities exchange will open in the near future for Arabic gum and other goods in the Jabel Moon Locality. A promotional price will be set on those goods, which will allow the market to compete with its counterpart in Obeid, and also help curb the smuggling of goods.
Dagalo called on the meeting participants to contribute to the National Solidarity Fund to ease the people's suffering.
In a press statement, Chairman of the Contractors Union Zain El-Abidin Omer Abdu El’al said the meeting addressed ways to support the voluntary return of IDPs to their home villages, and resulted in concrete proposals in this regard.
Meanwhile, the meeting participants expressed their readiness to help the fund, and thanked the vice president for his great contribution to peace and stability in Sudan.